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You guys know me... What's the biggest trap in baseball?

The batting average. I hit three balls right on the screws, right at somebody in baseball or softball says, I suck. Are you kidding me?

Changed what you think success is. You hit the ball hard, you win.

If you get a hit, it's a bonus.

I can't have a goal where I could do everything right and go 4-4.

I'm telling you right now, there are big leaguers that don't know this.

You get great at showing up in "I don't give a crap about me" mode. When you learn it's not about you, it's about you helping your team and you show up every single day like it's opening day...

Remember opening day every single year, absolutely?

One hundred percent confidence.

Nobody in the history of baseball has ever walked up to the plate on opening day with no confidence. Why? Because there's no yesterday, yet on game number two, it starts, oh crap, I gotta get a hit now, bro.

Get great at showing up in "I don't give a crap about me" mode and you show up every day like it's opening day and get the right guy playing because every single one of you has two players. Confident player and non-confident player.

The confident player is a really, really good player.

Get the right guy playing with the right mindset and you will not underachieve.

How good you get at competing with 100% confidence will dictate how far you make it in this game.

Get this part right, then it's just about seeing the ball as we as you can.

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